FAQ about BoomCart

  • Can I find my customers in Messenger by Email matching?

Due to Facebook’s policy, merchants can’t identify their customers in Messenger by email list. To grow your Messenger audience based on an email list, I recommend you to use Chat Capture in BoomCart. 

  • Can I send messages to my Messenger audience messages anytime I want?

Unfortunately, the answer is NO😥.  For now, BoomCart doesn’t include any function for merchants to initiate conversations with customers. BoomCart can automatically send some pre-set messages triggered by customer.

  • What’s the difference between Abandoned Checkout and Abandoned Cart?

When the Abandoned Cart event happens, it means a customer visits your store and adds some products to cart, but doesn’t start checking-out.

When the Abandoned Checkout event happens, it means a customer starts checking-out and leaves an email address, but doesn’t complete the purchase.

Let’s draw an analogy between EDM (Email Direct Marketing)  Recall and Messenger Recall.

  • Why can’t I connect my Facebook page to BoomCart?

Make sure you have admin access to the page. If not, ask the page owner to change your access. You can check your page role in Facebook Page>Setting>Page Role.

Try the latest version of the Chrome browser if available.

Make sure you enabled Messenger on the page. You can check your page’s messages option in Facebook Page>Settings>General>Messages.

Make sure you grant all the access required when connecting the page to BoomCart.

  • Can I install BoomCart on other eCommerce platforms?

BoomCart works on the Shopify store now. If your business is built on other platforms, you can’t use BoomCart for now. We will try our best to make BoomCart universal as soon as possible.

  • Can I use other Messenger Marketing tools in combination with BoomCart?

BoomCart, as a Messenger app, is based on Facebook’s Technical Framework. Due to Facebook’s technical limitations, only one Messenger app be assigned to take over the triggers from your website. Using multiple Messenger apps, especially having the same triggers, may block some of BoomCart’s services from working properly. We recommend you to test before really launching any campaigns using BoomCart.

  • Can I build a Messenger Bot using BoomCart?

BoomCart is a marketing tool designed to be simple and useful. Building a Messenger Bot is easy, but building one that works for marketing is kind of complicated. So we decide to put Messenger Bot Builder aside until we find a better way to make it both simple and useful. 

  • How does BoomCart calculate Extra Sales?

If a customer interacted with messages sent from BoomCart, and then he/she made the purchases in 72 hours, the sales would be calculated into BoomCart Extra Sales.

  • Will BoomCart send recall messages to all my abandoned cart customers?

We would love to do that for you, but the thing is that we can’t map an abandoned cart event to a customer before he/she became your Messenger Audience. So BoomCart can only cover part of all abandoned cart events. 

  • Can BoomCart work along with Abandoned Recall services provided by other marketing channels, such as EDM?

Absolutely. Recalling your customers back from multiple channels increases the order recovery rate.

3 Steps, BoomCart helps you win more customers back

I bet that you have a lot of questions when first getting into BoomCart. Here is one: How does BoomCart help me do better with my Business? Then, let’s find out the answer to this question.

As the picture shows, there are three touchpoints where BoomCart can be utilized to optimize your customer journey. And we highly recommend you to implement all of them to get a marketing effect as much as possible.

The welcome campaign helps you collect your website visitors’ Messenger information. And Abandoned Recall Campaign helps you bring back those who were interacted with your Welcome Campaign. Only using one of them, you wouldn’t see a significant improvement in your business.

More Messenger information you collect, more customers you have the opportunity to bring back. That’s the logic.

The same logic applies between Order Update Campaign and Welcome Campaign.

Effective Recall Campaign and Order Update Campaign highly rely on an effective Welcome campaign.

Why not follow the 3-step tutorial to set up BoomCart? Boom your cart with BoomCart.